Wine Wednesdays...

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Of course here at Jordan Samuel Skin you know I am all about loving and living life. While health and wellness are of utmost importance so is nourishing your soul! So live a little, indulge, be safe and have fun! 
With that being said it is time for #winewednesdays!
So as we already know alcohol isn't skins best friend, but it does indulge the soul and when your soul is nourished I believe you'll be happy and glowing! Below I've thrown together some tips to keep in mind when choosing your beverage of choice.
* Try to avoid sweet wines when possible. Always try and opt for drier whites and reds
* If you really wanna maximize your antioxidant punch choose Pinot Noir as that has been shown to have the highest levels of resveratrol
* Don't over indulge. WHAT!? Don't look at me
* If you are counting calories opt for Prosecco as that has the least calories per serving
* Have one glass of water per glass of wine, to help keep the skin hydrated
Enjoy and Saluti! 
X, Jordan 
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