Fall Skincare Routine

Fall Skincare Routine

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A skincare routine created by Jordan for fall skin!  Includes the After Show Treatment Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, the Performance Cream, and Soothing Facial Oil.  Scroll down for more from Jordan, and links to learn more about each product in the set!

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More from Jordan about this routine: 

I chose this routine to find that unique balance for your skin as the weather transitions—in Seattle, where I live, fall can be a somewhat erratic season.  For most of us, fall weather means we need a little more moisture in our routines, though how much moisture we need can vary each day. 

The After Show Treatment Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is a soothing, oil-based cleanser that helps to melt down the SPF you should always be wearing, 365 days a year, without creating surface dryness or irritation.  The Performance Cream is a peptide-infused lightweight cream that is buildable to find your own unique moisture balance.  Use the cream alone or add in a few drops of the Soothing Facial Oil for extra moisture and skin-calming soy bioflavonoids. These two products will help you transition seamlessly day to day as the weather continues to change.  (I also slather on the Soothing Facial Oil on the days that my sensitized skin needs some extra calming and soothing TLC.) 

If you have combination skin, you may want to continue using the Matinee Gel Cleanser on mornings when you are feeling oiler, and/or as a second cleanse at night.  And if you’ve been waiting for fall to start a retinol regimen, now’s the time! You can use a few drops of our Retinol Treatment Oil instead of the Soothing Facial Oil in the evening. 

As always, choreograph your own skincare routine, making sure your skin is getting what it needs that particular day!  Xo, Jordan


The After Show Treatment Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

The Performance Cream

Soothing Facial Oil

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