Attitude of Gratitude & The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for this year, and I thought today would be an opportune moment to discuss gratitude journaling. Over a decade ago, I began keeping a gratitude journal to check in to take stock of my blessings—everything from my cats to my career, my husband to my home—and set intentions for things I’d be grateful to achieve in the future. I became much more aware of the bounties I enjoy and more perceptive of the positive changes that happen every day. Making even just a short, 5-item list at the end of the day has had such a profound effect on my life, my business and my relationships.

Sometimes it can be hard to wrack your brain for things that make you happy. In these rough patches, being able to identify small joys has been incredibly helpful to me. Since skin is our external nervous system, the feelings of calm and wellness also translated to healthy, irritation-free skin. When you feel better, you look better!  

The holidays are also a good time to remember to practice self-care in the form of setting boundaries. This time of year carries lots of social and familial obligations that can be incredibly taxing on all of us, and on introverts in particular. If being around family and parties makes you feel good, that’s great! But there are many people who feel drained and discontented by the social demands of the holidays. Even spending time with people you love and care for can be stressful in large groups. We’re constantly told that this time of year is about gatherings, and I want you all to know that it’s okay if that doesn’t appeal to you. Your need for alone time is valid in any season. Take some time to yourself if you need it.

You should feel free to do whatever recharges your batteries, whether that’s time with loved ones or time alone. Don’t overexert yourself doing things that make you miserable. That stress is bad for your well-being and, as I’ve said before, manifests in your skin. Take care of yourself in whatever form that may take, and have a happy, healthy holiday season!