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Jordan Samuel Skin was founded in 2013 by leading skin therapist and former professional ballet dancer, Jordan Samuel Pacitti. During his eleven-year performing career, Jordan found himself frequently frustrated by an irritated complexion caused by constantly sweating under hot stage lights and wearing heavy stage makeup.

The Brand

As a natural-born problem solver and beauty enthusiast, he set out to find the most effective ways to turn his skin condition around, enlisting the help of ballerinas for proper stage makeup removal, facial oils for keeping the complexion balanced, as well as advanced and active ingredients to help with the aging process.

Jordan began to find success on his quest for clear and radiant skin after mixing his own oil-based facial cleansers to use after performances, as well as a hydrating serum to help keep skin hydrated and glowing whether before, after or during a show. Through his process, a new and overwhelming passion developed, setting Jordan on a path to help others achieve clear and glowing skin using the secrets he learned at the ballet.

The Products

Shortly after his retirement from the stage, Jordan furthered his knowledge in the skincare field by becoming an esthetician, allowing him to take a hands-on approach to tackling clients’ skin concerns. As such, his treatment room has replaced his theatre dressing room as his greatest source of information, enabling him to not only create truly effective products, but products that people actually need.

Inspired by the healthy lifestyle and nutritive choices of ballet dancers, each product at Jordan Samuel Skin is formulated using ingredients that are as healthy for you on the outside as they are on the inside. From CoQ10 to cranberry seed oil and various amino acids, Jordan Samuel ingredients make up a comprehensive and nutritious skincare program that could just as easily be seen as part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Before the products were officially on the market, Jordan Samuel Skin was being raved about by ballerinas and musicians in The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal. All products are developed by Jordan and manufactured in the USA.

Handwritten note saying "Enjoy the glow!" Xo, Jordan
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