Everything In Moderation

Heads up: I’m discussing food below. I’m not a medical or dietary professional, just an individual with opinions on food and wellness. Please seek the guidance of a qualified professional before making any major dietary changes. That said, read on and enjoy!

I loved my career in the ballet. It informs so much of my personal philosophy, weaving itself throughout my skincare practice and products. It also happens to be the part of my life that people are most apt to misunderstand—especially with regards to wellness. They assume I held myself to draconian standards and ate only foods like kale or almonds. They think that since my body was both my art and my livelihood, I obviously wouldn’t indulge in wine or a decadent dessert.

In truth, I ate french fries as a professional ballet dancer. I have no regrets about it. Food is more than just fuel for our bodies—it’s a comfort and an opportunity to connect with family and friends over shared meals. Denying myself the sensory pleasures and social ties of food is a recipe for a joyless and isolating life. That level of asceticism simply isn’t sustainable.

Swinging too far in the other direction poses a problem, too. My skin, my body, and my mental acuity all suffer when I overindulge. Treats are special occurrences—not everyday ones. Practicing moderation allows my body, my social life, and my sense of well-being to exist in a happy medium. It’s about balancing the scales between big Italian feasts and austere salads. It’s having one glass of wine instead of four. And above all, it’s about course correcting when I find myself going too far towards an extreme.

These lessons learned in ballet are equally applicable to my life now as a skincare professional. I know that drinking can exacerbate signs of skin aging, and that dietary fats are crucial for skin health. That doesn’t mean I’m eschewing all my martinis for avocados. I can enjoy both—just in moderation.