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Holiday Beauty Gift Guide 2020

JSS Talks | 11.25.2020

Talking all about my favorite holiday beauty gifts for 2020!

Products mentioned:

Jo Loves Christmas Tree Lifestyle Fragrance, $50

Jordan Samuel Skin The Skincare Gift Card, $25+

Bastide Ambre Soir Hand Wash, $35

Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Body Cleanser, $37

Pura Smart Device, $44

Thymes Frasier Fir Pura Refill, $18

Nest Amalfi Lemon & Mint Pura Refill, $18

Holiday Candle by Harlem Candle Company, $45

Josephine Candle by Harlem Candle Company, $45

Brownstone Candle by Harlem Candle Company, $45

Normalife The Scent, $65

Joanna Vargas The Magic Glow Wand, $285

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