Ingredient Spotlight on Tomato Extract

My new Italian Collection is inspired by my love of Capri, and the regional cuisine played an important role in product formulation. One of the ingredients I’m most excited about in my new Olio per il Corpo is tomato extract. Tomatoes are heavily featured in Capri’s foods and are an abundant source of a powerhouse antioxidant called lycopene.

Lycopene can only be absorbed from outside sources, since your body doesn’t produce its own. When eaten, it gets distributed throughout the body but most winds up in organs such as the liver. Very little dietary lycopene actually reaches the skin. Fortunately, lycopene’s small molecular size and lipid-solubility mean that it can be readily absorbed through skin—especially in an oil base such as Olio per il Corpo.

When used on skin, lycopene’s antioxidant properties protect against free radical damage caused by pollution, smoke, alcohol, and other environmental factors. It also inhibits an enzyme responsible for collagen breakdown, so using lycopene-rich products can help maintain smooth, youthful skin. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory qualities help soothe sensitive skin.

Most notably, lycopene also has a natural resistance to UV radiation. The same attributes that keep the tomato plant from getting scorched in the sun can also help you avoid sunspots and uneven skin tone.  It doesn’t provide sufficient protection on its own, but it’s a great companion to regular SPF usage and helps further prevent signs of sun-induced damage.

I’m incredibly proud of my new Italian Collection products, and I hope you enjoy the Olio per il Corpo just a little bit more knowing the inspiration behind it. I look forward to sharing more Italian Collection launches with you in the near future!