Pride Month + Black Lives Matter

In this particular moment, it's more important than ever to pause and recognize that Pride Month would not exist without the efforts of Black trans activists who pioneered the cause.

We're committed to advancing this cause throughout Pride Month, with donations to organizations that focus on the intersection of race and the folx most targeted within the LGBTQ+ community. Violence against queer BIPOC—against Black trans and gender-nonconforming people in particular—is part of this problem.

Jordan Samuel Skin stands in solidarity with the fight against systemic, structural racism. We acknowledge the myriad ways in which the historic oppression of Black communities continues to this day. We want to use our platform to help.

Like all causes, this fight requires resources, and 
to that end we've made donations to the following organizations in support of national and local Black communities and Black LGBTQ+ programs. If you're able, we encourage you to do the same:
    Please note: Minnesota Freedom Fund has been inundated with support and is now actively diverting donations to other organizations in need.  Instead, please consider donations to: Bail ProjectBlack Visions Collectiveor Reclaim the Block

    We will continue updating this list with more organizations and links as we make new donations.

    Above all, we're listening and learning. There is no finish line to being anti-racist; it's a continual journey of interrogating our privileges and finding new, deeper ways of being better allies. It requires hard work on ourselves, our cities, and our institutions.

    We're committed to doing the work.