Everything is beautiful at the (skincare) ballet!

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My passion for beauty started early on at the age of seven when I fell in love with the ballet. I was immediately taken by the classics and knew that I was destined for a world of beauty. Being a professional dancer started my passion for skincare. Between hot lights, heavy petroleum-filled stage makeup and intensive daily sweating, my skin went through the ringer.

I took to watching the ballerinas and noting their beauty routines as they always had the most flawless skin. I set out to find the most effective ways to turn my skin condition around, enlisting the help of plant oils for keeping the complexion balanced, as well as advanced, naturally sourced and active ingredients to help with the aging process.

I began to find success on my quest for clear and radiant skin after mixing my own oil-based facial cleansers to use after performances, as well as a hydrating serum to help keep skin hydrated and glowing whether before, after or during a show. Through this process, a new and overwhelming passion developed, and I wanted to help others achieve clear and glowing skin using the secrets I learned at the ballet. I took the research and knowledge that I gathered in the dance world to create what is now Jordan Samuel Skincare and the Jordan Samuel Facial.

After transitioning from my 11-year professional dance career with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, I graduated at the top of my class from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. I then went on to become a leading esthetician at Ummelina International Day Spa in downtown Seattle, followed by training for the renowned Kate Somerville skincare line.

In 2012 I decided to open my own skin clinic, where I developed my unique “Signature Facial,” as well as a capsule skincare collection. My treatment room has replaced my theatre dressing room as my greatest source of information, enabling me to not only create truly effective products, but products that people actually need.

I have been trained and certified in all major procedures including manual lymphatic drainage facial massage, microdermabrasion, micro-current and LED light therapy, and continue to stay on top of leading-edge skin technology, treatments and ingredients to provide the latest skincare and treatments to my customers.

Inspired by the healthy lifestyle and nutritive choices of ballet dancers, each one of my products is formulated using ingredients that are as healthy for you on the outside as they are on the inside. From CoQ10 and Vitamin C ester to cranberry seed oil and various amino acids, Jordan Samuel ingredients make up a comprehensive and nutritious skincare program that could just as easily be seen as part of an anti-inflammatory diet.

I would love to help you choreograph your own skincare routine.


Jordan Samuel Pacitti