Benefits of Seeing an Esthetician

In honor of National Esthetician Day, I would like to shine the spotlight on my passionate, dedicated, and hard-working fellow estheticians, whose knowledge and skill bring joy to our daily lives, through their work in the treatment room, product education, and on the photo and film sets of Hollywood and beyond.

And there is no better way of expressing our appreciation of estheticians than booking an appointment. If you are on the fence about booking an appointment, keep reading to discover the benefits you can expect from a consultation or facial with an experienced esthetician.

The Benefits of Seeing an Esthetician:

1. It can save you time and money in the long run!

Estheticians are able to analyze your individual skin condition and recommend the appropriate products based on what they are seeing under the magnifying lamp. These customized recommendations will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions to curate a tailored, less-but-better routine and avoid the frustrating cycle of trial and error.

    2. It can boost your results, helping you achieve your skin goals!

    A facial with a licensed esthetician may include:

    • Deep Cleansing
    Estheticians will thoroughly cleanse the skin, often aided with steam, which softens built up dirt and sebum in the pore for easier removal. Additionally, once the skin is cleansed and softened from the steam, extractions can be performed to target and clear out exceedingly congested pores.
    • Exfoliation
    Experienced estheticians will use their skin knowledge to apply the appropriate mask or peel, utilizing either enzymes, acids, or a combination, to address your skin concerns without going beyond what your skin can handle. They may also use other advanced modalities for exfoliation, such as microdermabrasion.
      • Massage
      In addition to feeling divine, facial massage improves blood circulation, which can bring more nutrients to the skin, and can be used for lymphatic drainage, which can help decrease puffiness from swelling and water retention.
      • Professional-Grade Technology
      Many estheticians utilize advanced technology during treatments, like LED light and microcurrent machines, whose strength and efficacy cannot be matched by in-home devices. Additionally, estheticians will be able to use their expertise from formal trainings and certifications to get the best results from their superior equipment.

        3. Facials are a luxe form of self-care!

        Let's face it, we can all use that level of pampering from time to time.

          While facials aren't a make-or-break necessity for healthy skin and cannot replace a consistent home routine, regular facials can augment and supplement your home care, helping to reach your skin goals in a quicker, more efficient, and direct manner. If booking a facial is not in line with your priorities or lifestyle, a consultation can be a budget-friendly way of maximizing the efficacy of your skincare routine while saving you time and money over the long term. If you are already seeing an esthetician, today is a good excuse to show them some love.

          Happy National Esthetician Day!  



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