Transitional Skincare: Layering for Fall

The temperature is dropping, the air turning crisp, and fallen leaves crunching underfoot—autumn has officially arrived. And your skin is bound to feel its effects.


Skin forms the barrier between ourselves and our world. As the first line of defense, it’s also the first place you’ll notice environmental changes like seasonal dryness. But transitional weather is often hard to pin down. One day is warm and humid, the next is cool and crisp—not to mention the indoor heat sapping moisture from the air—and your skin needs varying levels of hydration to cope with these day-to-day fluctuations. With so many variables, where do we begin making seasonal skincare adjustments for fall?


Rethink Your Cleanser

Building a skincare routine is like building anything else—you start at the foundation. That means taking a good, long look at your cleanser.

"But Jordan" you may ask, "why change your cleanser? It's a rinse-off product! Wouldn't you see greater benefits from a more nourishing moisturizer?"

My response is a resounding “nope.” I don't particularly love the idea of slapping on a thick cream and calling it a day. It feels like an afterthought. By switching to a less clarifying cleanser, I retain more of my skin’s inherent moisture. Depending on your skin type this might mean switching from a water-based gel cleanser to a cream cleanser, or from a cream cleanser to an oil-based cleanser for skins at the drier end of the spectrum. Our guide to cleansers can help you pick the right option for your individual needs.


Lightweight Layers 

From there, it's all about layers. Consider how a fall wardrobe relies on layers of clothing to meet the changing needs of a new season. A shirt, sweater, and light jacket can be worn alone or combined to keep you appropriately dressed for a wide range of weather possibilities. A skincare wardrobe works the same way! Lightweight products can be combined to build layers of hydration within the skin, and those layers can be changed depending on what your skin needs that day.

Some days, that looks like sandwiching 2-3 layers of Hydrate the Mist or Hydrate Facial Serum in my routine for juicy, resilient skin. I also enjoy a cocktail approach, mixing a lightweight moisturizer like The Performance Cream with a few drops of facial oil. Because this transitional weather can leave skin a bit fragile and sensitized, I like Soothing Facial Oil as a booster. Its soothing flavonoids and barrier-replenishing omega fatty acids help calm irritation and gently ease my skin into the new season.


Customize Your Moisture Cocktail

The beauty of layers is that (unlike a single heavier cream) they are infinitely customizable. Layering and mixing allows me to effectively use the same core products every day with just a few minor tweaks to the ratios. Keeping with the wardrobe metaphor, relying on a rich moisturizer alone is akin to being naked under a puffy down coat—it’s not the most versatile or practical option. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rich cream! But it’s a little early in the season for a puffer coat in my wardrobe. With the exception of ultra-dry skin, that particular ensemble is best saved for winter.

So what are the key takeaways? A more nourishing cleanser, lightweight layers of hydration, and strategic moisturizing can carry your skin through this season of transition.  It doesn’t take a ton of new products, either—you’d be surprised what a simple cleanser switch and a core collection of mainstays can do for your skin!


Enjoy the glow!




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