Ingredient Spotlight on Soy Bioflavonoids

By now, we know that antioxidants play a critical role in skin health and that chronic inflammation isn’t doing your skin any favors. The solution seems simple—add antioxidants and fight inflammation. Plenty of popular ingredients do one or the other, but soy bioflavonoids are remarkably proficient at both. This ingredient earned a starring role in my Soothing Facial Oil thanks to its versatility. Read on to learn what soy bioflavonoids can do for your skin!

What Are Soy Bioflavonoids?

If you haven’t heard much about soy bioflavonoids, you’re not alone. Research on bioflavonoids for skin has only gained momentum in the last decade or so, but it bears robust and promising evidence.

Soy bioflavonoids are found in the extract from soy plants. They belong to a super-potent group of antioxidants called polyphenols. Specifically, soy bioflavonoids are comprised of isoflavones with demonstrated skin benefits.

A Versatile Powerhouse

Soy bioflavonoids practically do it all. Their antioxidant properties protect against environmental damage, as well as with brightening skin tone. They act as skin conditioning agents, leaving skin’s surface soft and supple. They also boost skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production to improve moisture balance and retention. Additionally, soy bioflavonoids soothe skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory attributes. These all add up to smooth, calmed, glowing skin.

Good News for Collagen

Collagen holds a special place in overall skin health; it maintains skin’s structure, resilience, and smoothness. Soy bioflavonoids’ benefits for collagen are twofold. First, they preserve existing collagen by fighting inflammation that contributes to collagen breakdown. Moreover, soy bioflavonoids may also increase collagen production. They help to keep collagen you have, and then some!

Who Can Use Soy Bioflavonoids?

While soy bioflavonoids benefit a wide array of skin types and concerns, be mindful of the product’s overall formula. A rich, oil-based formula with soy bioflavonoids probably isn’t the best choice for oily or acne-prone skin. In particular, soy bioflavonoids are well suited to sensitive, sensitized, or dry skin. If you’ve been hitting the exfoliants and retinoids too hard lately, this would be an excellent choice since its soothing and skin-conditioning benefits help to repair a compromised skin barrier. If you’re looking for a soothing, smoothing, glow-inducing ingredient, soy bioflavonoids deserve a try!