Tuesday Talks Martini Recipe

I love a good martini year-round. It’s a fixture of my Tuesday Talks on Instagram. But in the summer, there’s something about a chilled martini that feels just right. This is the season for slow living, long dinners, and lazing around in the heat. A chilly beverage that demands to be sipped (never chugged!) is a perfect fit for these relaxed, unhurried vibes.

Read on for my perfect martini recipe!


9 oz good vodka

Dry vermouth to taste – I use about ½ oz

Bleu cheese olive

Tuesday ‘Tini Recipe

Add a long pour of your favorite vodka (mine’s Imperia vodka) to an ice-filled shaker. Use 1 oz less than the size of your martini glass to avoid overfilling and spilling. I use a particularly large glass, and 9 oz of vodka for my 10 oz martini glass is a perfect fit.

Add a light splash of dry vermouth to the shaker. Vermouth has gotten a bad rap as of late, but it’s important for highlighting and rounding out the flavors of your chosen liquor. I like something between a rinse and a full-on pour; a light splash achieves that happy medium.

Shake thoroughly until the outside of your shaker is frosted. There’s some debate about shaking vs. stirring a martini, but I side with James Bond here. Shaking aerates the drink for a lighter, refreshing texture and chills it more efficiently—truly ideal for warm summer nights.

Place a bleu cheese-stuffed olive in the bottom of a chilled martini glass. Strain and pour your drink over the olive. Enjoy!