Old vs. New: Hydrate The Mist

In anticipation of launching within the UK and EU, I’ve taken a long look at my products. The international release requires some specific labeling compliance and formula evaluations. With these necessary changes, now seems like the best time to take the formulas I love and elevate them even further. Thank you all for your patience while my lab, my fabulous consultants, and myself worked on perfecting and restocking products. I can confidently say that these new, improved formulas are well worth the wait.

First up: Hydrate The Mist. Let’s talk about what hasn’t changed. It’s still a richly humectant formula that draws moisture into the skin and keeps it there. The powerhouse antioxidant blend also remains unchanged—it still includes cucumber, pomegranate, radish root, tamarind, and passionflower to help fight free radicals and protect against environmental skin damage. And most notably, it still features hyaluronic acid as a deeply replenishing, skin-quenching superstar.

However, hyaluronic acid isn’t the only ingredient responsible for lasting hydration. The new formula has swapped out one form of red algae and replaced it with two. These now appear on the label as chondrus crispus extract and lithothamnion calcareum extract. Red algae extracts act as excellent moisture-binding agents and bring some antioxidant and skin-soothing properties to the party. They leave skin plump, juicy, and perfectly hydrated.

One major change to the formula is textural. The previous Hydrate Mist used a hibiscus hydrosol base that lent a syrupy texture. It was really challenging to achieve a fine, even mist with this thicker formula. The new base is a bit less syrupy for more consistent application. Rest assured, these changes don’t mean the new Hydrate Mist will just evaporate off your skin. The high humectant content means it’s still a bit viscous and provides a protective, layered feel.

Shifting away from the hydrosol base also changed the aroma of the new Hydrate Mist. While the old formula was more floral, the new mist is much more scent-neutral. The only discernible smell comes from the antioxidant blend—primarily from cucumber. I’d describe the minimal aroma as being pretty close to spa water; it’s faint, refreshing, and has a kind of verdant vibe.

So, how should you use the new Hydrate Mist? However you want! Mist it onto your skin as part of your skincare routine, or throughout the day as a refresher. Spray it into clean hands and press the formula into your skin like an essence, or even apply it to a cotton pad and sweep it over your skin like a toner.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see a couple more posts like this. I’ll explain how we updated the formula and what that means for the texture, effectiveness, and general sensations of using the newly improved products. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them!