Skincare for Transitional Weather: Layering for Springtime

It’s officially spring! As mother nature continues to pepper in more and more warm weather this season, I have been thinking about seasonal adjustments for my skincare routine. Spring weather can be particularly challenging for skin because it’s so capricious—cold winds, rain, and warm sunshine can all occur in the span of an hour or two. That’s why my skincare wardrobe (much like a clothing wardrobe) relies on layers during spring months.

If winter skin revolves around rich, nourishing creams and balms (a contentious topic in itself that I’ve touched on previously), then spring is all about reframing your routine with an emphasis on light, watery layers bursting with hydration. It’s not that different than dressing for the weather—you can use more layers on blustery days and fewer layers when a sudden heat wave hits. The key players remain the same: a hydrating mist or essence, a humectant-rich serum, and a lotion or lightweight oil to seal it all in. Single oils or oil blends containing squalane, marula, or argan oil are excellent lightweight options.

I particularly love layering water-based products because it achieves deeper hydration and a juicier effect than using just a single heavyweight cream. Layering lightweight mists and serums also tends to feel more comfortable on the skin as temperatures start to rise. One trick I’ve picked up is applying my next layer while my skin is still damp from the previous product. Damp skin is much more permeable than dry skin, so don’t wait for your previous product to fully absorb before moving on with your routine. The end result is bouncy, juicy, lit-from-within skin.

As always, sunscreen should comprise your final layer for daytime. SPF remains important year-round, but now is a great time to reaffirm your commitment to sun protection if you’ve slacked off during the winter. Sun protection is the single greatest investment you can make in your skin and deserves to be part of your spring layering strategy!



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