DIY Skincare, Part II

If you missed the first installment, check out DIY Skincare, Part I. 

As someone who doesn’t care for strict rules in skincare, I like to think of the directions on beauty packaging as a jumping-off point. Once you understand how a product is conventionally used, you can find more inventive ways to choreograph your routine. I dedicated a part of newly re-designed website specifically to this kind of creative product play—you can check out my mix-and-match combos here

This cocktailing philosophy isn’t limited only to my products. I love to play around and see how products from other brands can bring out the best in my own formulas, and vice versa. Read on for skincare recipes that combine Jordan Samuel Skin staples with some of my favorite products on the market. 

Recipe 1: Cleansing Mini-Mask

Combine equal parts After Show Treatment Cleanser with May Lindstrom Clean Dirt. You can add a bit of water (or Hydrate Mist if you feel so inclined) to thin it out to your preferred mask texture. Smooth over skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. This combination has a luscious mousse-like texture and leaves skin feeling ultra-clean and radiant. 

Recipe 2: Gentle Purifying Mask

Use a three-to-one ratio of any clay-based mask with my Hydrate Facial Serum, leave on for the suggested time on the mask instructions, and rinse off with tepid water. The Rejuvi Purifying Mask is a great option that I use in my own esthetics practice. By adding a bit of Hydrate Serum, you can buffer the effect of the mask so skin is refined and a bit hydrated—not overly dry. The moisture in the serum also prevents the clay mask from fully hardening, making it easier to remove. 

Recipe 3: Glow Mask

This recipe is similar to the clay mask above, but with an exfoliating twist. The Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask contains clay and volcanic ash for those same purifying benefits, but with added fruit enzymes and lactic acid for a brightened, light-from-within glow. Adding a bit of Hydrate Serum introduces some moisture and can also help to buffer the exfoliating effects for slightly sensitive skin. 

Recipe 4: Nighttime Treatment Mask

At night, mix May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon and my Hydrate Serum in the palm of your hand, then smooth across your face for an overnight mask. The combination of oils and hydrators makes for a beautiful emulsion that feels indulgent and restorative. You’ll wake up the next morning with plump, dewy skin. 

Recipe 5: The Antioxidant Pamper Session

Start with damp, misted skin. I’m partial to my own Hydrate Mist, but Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden are both beautiful options, too. Damp skin is more permeable, allowing it to gain greater benefits from the products that follow. Next, mix together Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask with several drops of my Retinol Treatment Oil and smooth the mixture onto your face. By adding a bit more oil and applying to damp skin, the mixture spreads evenly. The retinol oil adds even more antioxidant benefit to this potent mixture, helping to leave skin luminous and protected from environmental damage. You can leave this mixture on for up to 45 minutes, then rinse off with the aid of a damp towel to reveal the results. 

By no means is this list definitive. Try out your own concoctions! Don’t let instructions limit you—there are countless combinations to create tailor-made treatments for your individual needs.